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Egg Products Inspection Act

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§1031. Congressional statement of findings.

§1032. Congressional declaration of policy.

§1033. Definitions.

§1034. Inspection of egg products.

  • Processing operations and establishments subject to coverage; rules and regulations.
  • Authority of Secretary to retain, segregate, and reinspect eggs and egg products.
  • Condemnation of adulterated products; destruction or reprocessing; procedure upon appeal from determination of adulteration.
  • Inspection of business premises, facilities, inventory, operations, and records of egg handlers; inspection of records and inventory of others required to keep records; authority of Secretary of Health and Human Services to inspect food manufacturing establishments, institutions, and restaurants; access to places of business
  • Refrigeration and labeling requirements

§1035. Sanitary operating practices in official plants.

  • Premises, facilities, and equipment.
  • Refusal by Secretary to inspect nonconforming plants.

§1036. Pasteurization and labeling of egg products at official plants.

  • Contents of label.
  • False or misleading or use of nonapproved labeling or containers; determination by Secretary; procedures applicable; appeal.

§1037. Prohibited acts.

§1038. Cooperation with appropriate State and other governmental agencies; utilization of employees; reimbursement.

§1039. Eggs and egg products not intended for use as human food; inspection; denaturing or otherwise identifying.

§1040. Recordkeeping requirements; persons required to maintain records; scope of disclosure; access to records.

§1041. Enforcement provisions.

  • Violations of section 1037; term of imprisonment and fine; scope of liability
  • Persons preventing enforcement of chapter; term of imprisonment and fine
  • Civil penalty
  • Scope of liability for violations of section 1037
  • Penalties applicable to carriers or warehousemen

§1042. Reporting of violation to United States attorney for institution of criminal proceedings; procedure; presentation of views.

§1043. Rules and regulations; administration and enforcement.

§1044. Exemption of certain activities.

  • Regulation for exemptions.
  • Plants located in noncontiguous areas of United States.
  • Suspension or termination of exemptions.

§1045. Limitation on entry of eggs and egg products and other materials into official plants.

§1046. Imports.

  • Authorization for importation of restricted eggs; prerequisites for importation of egg products; treatment as domestic articles subject to this chapter; marking and labeling exemption for personal consumption.
  • Terms and conditions for destruction.
  • Payment of storage, cartage, and labor charges by owner or consignee; liens.
  • Prohibition.

§1047. Refusal or withdrawal of inspection services; hearing; grounds; person deemed to have responsible connection with business; finality of order of Secretary; judicial review; other provisions for refusal of services unaffected.

§1048. Administrative detention of violative articles; duration; release; removal of official marks.

§1049. Seizure and condemnation proceedings.

  • Jurisdiction; disposal of condemned articles; court costs and fees; conformity to supplemental rules for admiralty and maritime claims; jury trial; United States as plaintiff.
  • Condemnation or seizure under other provisions unaffected.

§1050. Jurisdiction of district courts; United States as plaintiff in enforcement and restraining proceedings; subpenas for witnesses.

§1051. Other Federal laws applicable for administration and enforcement of chapter; prosecution of inquiries; exercise of jurisdiction.

§1052. State or local regulation.

  • Prohibition against additional or different requirements than Federal requirements relating to premises, facilities, and operations at official plants; authority to impose recordkeeping and related requirements consistent with Federal requirements
  • Prohibition against additional or different standards than Federal standards of quality, etc., or requiring labeling to show area of production or origin; authority to require name, address, and license number of processor or packer on containers; prohibition against additional or different requirements than Federal requirements relating to labeling, packaging or ingredients; authority to prevent distribution of violative articles; validity of nonconflicting laws
  • Applicability of other Federal laws and authority of other Federal officials relating to eggs, egg products, or other food products unaffected; authority of Secretary of Agriculture to regulate official plants processing egg products
  • Detainer authority.
§1053. Inspection and administration costs.
  • Overtime and holiday work costs; availability of funds.
  • ''Holiday'' defined.
§1054. Annual report to Congressional committees.

§1055. Authorization of appropriations.

§1056. Separability.


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