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Poultry Products Inspection Act

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§451. Congressional statement of findings.

§452. Congressional declaration of policy.

§453. Definitions.

§454. Federal and State cooperation in development and administration of State poultry product inspection programs.

  • (a) State laws; planning, technical and financial assistance; advisory committees.
  • (b) Appropriate State agency; performance of functions by subordinate governmental unit.
  • (c) Intrastate activities; designation of State for regulation; publication of designation; exempted operations; termination of designation; review of operations in nondesignated States; annual report.
  • (d) "State" defined.

§455. Inspection in official establishments.

  • (a) Ante mortem inspection.
  • (b) Post mortem inspection; quarantine, segregation, and reinspection.
  • (c) Condemnation; appeal; reprocessing.

§456. Operation of premises, facilities and equipment.

  • (a) Sanitary practices.
  • (b) Refusal of inspection.

§457. Labeling and container standards.

  • (a) Requirements for shipping containers and immediate containers; nonconsumer packaged carcasses.
  • (b) Labeling requirements; definitions and standards of identity or composition or articles and standards of fill of container; standards consistent with Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act; consistency between Federal and State standards.
  • (c) Use of trade names; false or misleading marking or labeling; misleading form or size of container.
  • (d) Withholding use of false or misleading mark, label, or container size or form; modification; hearing; conclusiveness of determination; appeal.

§458. Prohibited acts.

§459. Compliance by all establishments.

§460. Miscellaneous activities subject to regulation.

  • (a) Prohibition of inspection of articles not intended for use as human food; denaturation or other identification prior to distribution in commerce; inedible articles.
  • (b) Recordkeeping requirements; persons liable; scope of disclosure; access to places of business; examination of records, facilities, and inventories; copies; samples.
  • (c) Registration of business, name of person, and trade names.
  • (d) Regulation of transactions, transportation, or importation of dead, dying, disabled or diseased poultry or carcasses to prevent use as human food.
  • (e) Federal provisions applicable to State or Territorial business transactions of a local nature and not subject to local authority.

§461. Offenses and punishment.

  • (a) Violations; liability of agents, employees, and employers.
  • (b) Liability of carrier.
  • (c) Assaulting, resisting, or impeding certain persons; murder; punishments.

§462. Reporting of violations; notice; opportunity to present views.

§463. Rules and regulations.

  • (a) Storage and handling of poultry products; violation of regulations.
  • (b) Other necessary rules and regulations.
  • (c) Oral presentation of views.

§464. Exemptions.

  • (a) Persons exempted.
  • (b) Territorial exemption.
  • (c) Personal slaughtering; custom slaughtering; name and address of the poultry producer or processor in lieu of other labeling requirements; small enterprises; slaughterers or processors of specified number of turkeys; poultry producers raising poultry on own farms.
  • (d) Pizzas containing poultry products.
  • (e) Applicability of adulteration and misbranding provisions to articles exempted from inspection.
  • (f) Suspension or termination of exemption.

§465. Limitations upon entry of poultry products and other materials into official establishments.

§466. Imports.

  • (a) Compliance with standards and regulations; status after importation.
  • (b) Rules and regulations; destruction and exportation of refused imports.
  • (c) Storage, cartage and labor charges for imports refused admission.
  • (d) Domestic standards and processing facilities applicable; enforcement.

§467. Inspection services.

  • (a) Refusal or withdrawal; hearing; business unfitness based upon certain convictions; persons responsibly connected with the business.
  • (b) Hearing to determine validity of withdrawal or refusal of inspection services; continuation of withdrawal or refusal.
  • (c) Finality and conclusiveness of determination; judicial review; record.

§467a. Administrative detention; duration; pending judicial proceedings; notification of government authorities; release; removal of official marks.

§467b. Seizure and condemnation.

  • (a) Proceedings in rem; libel of information; jurisdiction; disposal by destruction or sale; proceeds into the Treasury; sales restrictions; bonds; court costs and fees, storage, and other expenses against claimants; jury trial; United States as plaintiff.
  • (b) Condemnation or seizure under other provisions unaffected.

§467c. Federal court jurisdiction of enforcement and injunction proceedings and other kinds of cases; limitations; United States as plaintiff; subpoenas.

§467d. Administration and enforcement; applicability of penalty provisions; conduct of inquiries; power and jurisdiction of courts.

§467e. Non-Federal jurisdiction of federally regulated matters; prohibition of additional or different requirements for establishments with inspection services and as to marking, labeling, packaging, and ingredients; recordkeeping and related requirements; concurrent jurisdiction over distribution for human food purposes of adulterated or misbranded and imported articles; other matters.

§467f. Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act applications.

  • (a) Exemptions; authorities under food, drug, and cosmetic provisions unaffected.
  • (b) Enforcement proceedings; detainer authority of representatives of Secretary of Health and Human Services.

§468. Cost of inspection; overtime.

§469. Authorization of appropriations.

§470. Omitted.

§471. Safe Meat and Poultry Inspection Panel.

  • (a) Review and evaluation
  • (b) Reports.

§472. Interstate shipment of poultry inspected by Federal and State agencies for certain small establishments

  • (a) Definitions
  • (b) Authority of Secretary to allow shipments
  • (c) Reimbursement of State costs
  • (c) Reimbursement of State costs
  • (e) Audits
  • (f) Transition grants
  • (g) Violations
  • (h) Effect
  • (i) Effective date


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